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Tony and Ann Jenkins

Tony and Ann Jenkins would like to thank all our wonderful visitors and staff for an amazing 30 years. It has been our privilege and pleasure entertaining people here at the farm and we have made so many friends.  Thank you.
There will be reunion days – watch this space!



Most regular visitors have read Tony’s previous books over the years, describing in humorous detail the setting up and running of this enterprise. Thousands have been sold but all are now out of print.

Many readers have been curious about Tony’s career before the Shire Horse Farm and his book Gold at Rainbow’s End.  In response to this demand he is currently writing a prelude to life in Staintondale titled ‘Tony’s Desperate Destiny’ . Equally as intriguing, definitely as interesting and positively worth reading.

The new book spans the previous 30 years, charting Tony’s colourful career from working as a motor mechanic, setting  up his own motorcycle business, and delivering Shell Mex & BP pink paraffin with a motorcycle and box sidecar to opening his first shop in 1956.  From then on, developments and destiny took him on a real DIY journey through opportunity and achievement into an unlikely new career in fashion wools and handknitting.  A real renaissance period leading to owning a small chain of shops.

Tony even built his own house from a free set of building plans given with a copy of the new publication of a magazine called ‘Practical Householder’ in the 1950’s. To realise his dream of owning a horse and living a completely new way of life, it was the sale of this house that ultimately gave Tony the capital to purchase East Side Farm, later to become Shire Horse Farm and a popular visitor attraction.

If you have read any of Tony’s previous books then you will want this one.  If you haven’t, then you shouldn’t miss it. It will be a strictly limited print run. Publication is scheduled for Christmas 2016. You can register your interest now at

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